Therapeutic massage

What is therapeutic massage?

Massage therapy clears the mind, calms the heart, and relieves physical tension. In Chinese traditional medicine, massage compliments acupuncture and herbs to provide extensive physical, mental, and emotional relief. At Pleasant Wellness, we personalize therapeutic massage to your needs. Below are some common benefits our patients receive.

Muscle relaxation

The everyday stresses of life bring about a great deal of tension in the human body. As your body ages, your muscles tense up gradually, and you might not even notice until you have serious pain. Therapeutic massage helps muscles loosen up and can remove painful knots. With frequent massage, your muscles will progressively relax, and make it easier for you to enjoy your life and have a good night sleep.

Stress relief

A tense body also affects your mental state. Tight muscles can cause mental fatigue, which leads to other conditions like stress, depression and anxiety. Therapeutic massage helps the body to reduce stress hormones and increase serotonin levels, causing your mind to have a pleasant feeling. When your mind is happy and relaxed and your muscles are relaxed, your stress and anxiety will gradually disappear. You will also see an increase in energy and performance.

Better posture

A healthy posture is the natural result of relaxed muscles. As you go through your daily routine, your muscles tighten up in a particular way. Many people suffer from back and neck pain caused from poor posture. Therapeutic massage reaches deep layers of the muscles to remove pain and relax your muscles. Over time, regular massage treatment gradually improves your posture and help you to stand and sit up straight. 

Healthier skin

During the therapeutic massage, the skin releases unnecessary enzymes and toxins. This leads to healthier skin that is both clean and clear. Facial massage unclogs your pores and remove impurities. This also gives you the benefit of a younger and healthier appearance.

Improved blood circulation

Good blood circulation is important for many aspects of your health. Therapeutic massage improves blood circulation in injured or tightened muscles. With improved circulation, muscles heal more quickly. Massage also removes lactic acid from your muscles, which increases lymph fluid action to carry waste from your internal organs.

Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is very dangerous and can lead to many diseases when left uncontrolled. Therapeutic massage can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Reducing your blood pressure prevents heart attacks, depression, anxiety, and kidney failure. Therefore, a regular massage is especially beneficial for patients at risk or who suffer any of these conditions.

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