Chinese herbal medicine

What are Chinese herbs?

Chinese have used natural herbs to treat medical ailments for thousands of years. Even with the development of Western medicine, Chinese herbs continue to be a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Chinese herbs can treat minor illnesses and boost the immune system. And when combined with Western medicine, they can treat more complicated conditions, including post-surgical recovery, chronic respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions.

Chinese herbs are traditionally dried, mixed, and boiled into teas and soups. For convenience, Chinese herbs are also available in processed powders and pills.

Herbal medicine consultations

At Pleasant Wellness, we offer personalized consultations for Chinese herbal medicine.

During your visit, we ask questions to assess your current medical condition. We look at relevant lab tests and imaging results. And then we perform a physical examination that may involve inspecting the tongue, temperature, and pulse, as well as feeling the skin, muscle tone, and internal organs as appropriate.

After the examination, the doctor prescribes a combination of herbs to treat your condition. We select only the best quality herbs that meet multiple quality assurance standards. We also provide instructions for how to consume the herbs at home.

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