Acupuncture for better sleep

Deep and refreshing sleep is hard to come by. Whether you deal with insomnia, chronic pain, or something else that gets in the way of sound sleep, acupuncture can help. Acupuncture is an all-natural solution that rebalances your body and aids sleep. For some patients, acupuncture is so relaxing they fall asleep during treatment!  

Sleep disorders

Very few people get enough sleep. A busy schedule, chronic pain, and poor health can all affect sleep. Disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea can also harm the quality and quantity of sleep. Over time, reduced sleep damages the immune system and accelerates aging. The most common treatments are sleeping pills, which are not a natural long-term solution.  

Acupuncture’s benefits

Acupuncture assists with sleep in many ways. It can reduce or remove chronic pain and headaches, allowing for uninterrupted sleep. Research shows acupuncture can reduce stress and help with insomnia. Many patients who receive acupuncture for other issues report they also experience better sleep. This is because acupuncture rebalances the body, reduces stress and encourages rest. Additionally, acupuncture increases circulation, making every minute of sleep more rejuvenating.  

How we help

When you arrive for your appointment, we will ask about your specific concern. Everyone’s situation is different, and we personalize treatment accordingly. In general, the doctor inserts four to ten hair-thin needles, around half an inch deep. You will rest lying down for 10-30 minutes in a peaceful environment. In fact, you may even relax to the point of falling asleep! A normal treatment regime includes 15 weekly sessions.

Patients we’ve helped with sleep

I can sleep again!

“When I first came, my body was very stressed and tight. I wasn’t getting any sleep. After a couple of treatments, I could get a restful sleep.” –– Beth, Boston, MA
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Post-delivery recovery

“After delivering my baby, my lower back always felt tired. But I’m so lucky that I had Dr. Chen to solve this problem.” –– Katie, Weymouth, MA
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Painless after six weeks

“I had acupuncture for a liver condition. After approximately 6 weeks of treatment, I am nearly pain-free.” –– Scott, Norwood, MA
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I can now sleep all night

“After treatments with Dr. Chen I experienced about a 60% decrease in pain on my left shoulder and a 95% decrease in my arthritic toe pain. This has allowed me to sleep all right now, a wonderful improvement!” –– Zayra, Boston, MA
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Toned-down pain & improved sleep

“The treatment was very helpful. My pain is one level down and my sleep is better. I love the community here. The staff is very friendly.” –– Richard, Weymouth, MA
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