Julia Chen

Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Herbalist

Junrong (Julia) Chen grew up in South China where her father worked as a physician. When she was young, Julia used to go to the clinic to watch him work. Her father combined Chinese and Western medicine to provide personalized treatment. And when his patients left the clinic, they were usually much happier than when they arrived. Julia learned from her father’s dedication how important doctors are in helping patients gain comfort and confidence in dealing with their afflictions.

When Julia first observed her father perform acupuncture, she imagined the needles would frighten the patients. Instead, she was amazed to see that the needles brought pleasure and wellness instead.

After high school, Julia attended the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, a prestigious university in China. She graduated with a 5-year degree in clinical medicine. Then, Julia worked as a physician for three years before attending Jinan University. There she got her master’s degree in Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. Afterwards, Julia moved to the United States and obtained her acupuncture and herbal medicine certification.

Julia has practiced under the supervision of several well-respected acupuncturists. Through diligent practice, she has grasped the essence of each teacher’s unique method. Professor Chen Liguo taught Julia how to integrate traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Professor Zhuang Lixing passed on his expertise in applying acupuncture to nervous system disorders. And professors Jiao Shunfa (scalp acupuncture) and Li Xinwu (headache disorders) helped to boost Julia’s ability to treat neurological disease.

Making use of her solid foundation in acupuncture, Julia has gained extensive experience treating a wide assortment of disorders. She has helped patients with pain, digestive issues, women’s health, anxiety, beauty and sleep.

As Julia continues to gain experience, she observes that patients are becoming more and more afraid of pain. For most, “no pain, no gain” is no longer acceptable. And when patients feel at ease, outcomes are better.

Julia pays special attention to whether her patients are comfortable during treatment. Her unique approach uses fewer needles and causes less pain. And her treatments yield quick results and long-lasting effects.

In 2018, Julia founded Pleasant Wellness, a clinic that provides high-quality treatment in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Her ultimate goal is to ensure all patients have a pleasant healing experience. And just like at her father’s clinic, no matter how anxious her patients are when they arrive, they usually leave in a cheerful mood.

Munrose Yun

Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Herbalist

Yunpu (Munrose) is licensed to practice acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in MA. She specializes in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, brain trauma, and Multiple Sclerosis. Furthermore, she is experienced in treating a wide selection of other conditions including Parkinson’s, Dementia, Glaucoma, Tinnitus, any musculoskeletal problems (femoral head necrosis, neck, shoulder back, knee and heel pain, etc.), sleep problems, and psycho-emotional concerns. Dr. Munrose graduated as Master of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy. She was a doctor in the leading hospital of rehabilitation for post-stroke patients in China. Dr. Munrose believes acupuncture is a gift from God. She tries to be modest and grateful for having the chance to be an acupuncturist. Dr. Munrose treats every patient like they are a wonder of nature and strives to partner with her patients in the healing process. Her goal is to do her best to provide comfort and humanity to people in need.  

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