What is cupping?

Cupping is a type of traditional Chinese massage therapy. It improves circulation by creating suction over sections of the body. Cupping can treat many conditions, especially pain. It has no major side effects and is pain-free.  

Cupping is the process of applying heated glass cups to the skin. As the air in the glass cools, it creates suction that pulls on the body. With the appropriate placement of cups on parts of the body, suction stimulates the flow of energy  

How does cupping help you?

Cupping improves circulation over broad areas of your body. This can relieve pain, especially muscle and joint pain. Cupping is most commonly used on the back. It can also assist with respiratory problems, inflammation, and many other issues.  

What happens during a cupping session?

When you arrive for an appointment, the doctor will ask about your condition, symptoms, and medical history. She will then perform a full-body exam: checking your tongue, pulse, and points of concern. This is to help the doctor personalize your treatment.

The doctor typically places three to seven cups on your body. Usually, the doctor positions the cups on the back and sometimes shifts them during treatment. The cups are left in place for around ten minutes while you rest.

Cupping creates a temporary dark mark over the treated area. This is not painful. And you should wait until the mark disappears before having another treatment. A normal cupping treatment schedule consists of ten weekly sessions, or until symptoms disappear.

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